Whew ~ Finally spring is here. This has been one long year that is for sure! I am sure it has been for you too.

As we are finally able to move forward with 2022 and put 2021 behind us. It is a good time to start out with a few deep breaths of fresh air and look around the outside of house and see what kind of work needs to be done this year. It is a good idea to start planning now if you haven’t already.

Most kids are back in school now which means graduations will be coming before we know it, or a wedding you have planned or any other special event that you may have planned that had to be put on hold or is coming up and you want your yard to look the best as they possibly can. It is a good idea to schedule a free estimate now for curbing because our season is short. It is obviously a seasonal business, and then we have to account for rain days, extreme hot days where the heat is at dangerous levels and take into account those days will be shorter days. Just like everyone else, we all are human here at Premier Custom Curbing and we look out for employees.


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